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Sample services

  • Smart Home system installation and configuration

    • TV mounting

    • Voice control

    • Smart lighting

    • Smart locks, doorbells, and blinds

    • Smart garage door openers

    • Smart Home hubs

    • Home networking & Wifi mesh systems

    • Smart thermostats and smoke/CO detectors

    • Security systems and cameras

    • Home audio and music service integration

    • Home theater/video

    • Smart irrigation control

  • New construction/renovation system design and installation

    • Coordination with contractors, designers, electricians, etc.

    • Data wiring

    • Whole home audio

    • Home theater

    • Video doorbells and security cameras

    • Smart blinds, locks, thermostats, and garage doors

    • Outlet and lighting placement

    • Outdoor lighting and smart irrigation control

    • Hardwired mesh wifi

    • Smart irrigation control

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